Let’s face it – your first Valentine’s Day after your divorce or separation isn’t something you probably look forward to. But instead of dreading it, there are heaps of ways you could choose to still celebrate and enjoy it.

Here are some of our favourite ideas on how to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day after divorce.

Write Cards For Your Besties

Send cards to those you love the most – family, friends or your children (or all of them!). Write a personal note to them about how much they mean to you or tell them how much you appreciate their support.

Organise A Night Out

You don’t have to stay home alone on Valentine’s Day. Get your besties together for a fun evening out, having dinner or drinks or whatever you enjoy doing the most.

Book A Spa Day

Treat yourself to a massage or facial and pamper yourself a little. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed for it.

Send Yourself A Gift

Why wait for someone else to send you a gift? Just buy your own! It is 2019 and you’re allowed to spoil yourself.

Binge-watch The Latest Netflix Series

Netflix is filled with the latest TV shows, some of which are totally binge-worthy. You’re sure to find a series that takes your fancy, so snuggle up on the sofa, grab a big bucket of popcorn and settle in for the night.

Celebrate With Your Kids

Show your kids some love and make them the focus of your affections for the day. Take them out for a meal or something fun like bowling, fish and chips on the beach or whatever they love to do. Bake them some cute cupcakes and write them cards for Valentine’s Day to show them just how much you love them.

Cook Something New For Dinner

Been eyeing up some new recipes to try at home? Pick one and cook it for dinner.

Can’t be bothered to cook on Valentine’s Day? Pick up the phone and get your favourite restaurant to deliver (or just call Uber Eats).

Make A Gratitude List

Making a gratitude list can help you see just how much positivity you have in your life right now. Take some time out to think about what you’re grateful for and write them down to reflect on if you’re feeling low.

Volunteer For A Cause Close To Your Heart

Spend the day volunteering at something you feel passionate about. It could be helping out in your child’s class for the day, working with a charity or volunteering at a homeless shelter.

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Always wanted to try bungee jumping? Skydiving? Swimming with dolphins? Go on and book something you’ve always wanted to do and never got around to trying. It’ll make it one of your most memorable Valentine’s Days ever!

But whatever you do…

Don’t text your ex!

So let us know how did you celebrate your first Valentine’s Day after divorce?

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