Our Family Mediation Fees

Getting a divorce can be an eye-wateringly expensive process. Did you know that the average costs per party in a divorce that goes through the Courts is around $50-75,000?

Very few people have tens of thousands of dollars to spend on getting divorced. Wouldn’t you rather use those funds to help start your new life?

Family mediation fees are just a fraction of this price. Here’s an outline of our family mediation fees to help you prepare for your separation or divorce.


Our fixed family mediation fees cover the steps in the family mediation process including drafting the proposed orders.

Where you instruct us to initiate mediation with another party there is a commitment fee of $125 (plus GST). This fee will be fully deducted from your share of the fixed fee for mediation when that is confirmed.

Our standard fixed fees for family mediation (all fees are plus GST)

      • $2,250 for parenting/children’s matters OR financial settlement 
      • $2,500 for parenting/children’s matters AND financial settlement

The standard fees where parties require their lawyer to attend a mediation are slightly higher – simply because the mediation will almost certainly take more time.  These fees will only be incurred if the lawyer attends, not where you consult before or after the mediation (all fees are plus GST):

        • $2,750 for parenting/children’s matters OR financial settlement 
        • $2,950 for parenting/children’s matters AND financial settlement 
* If one party requires a lawyer to attend, there will be a proportionate charge for that party only.


To have a binding and legally-enforceable agreement – whether in children’s matters or for a financial settlement – it is necessary for a formal document to be filed and approved by the Family Court.

Move On is not permitted to provide legal representation to either or both parties – we are impartial.

However, we do provide a detailed Guide to help you complete the documents for the Family Court.

If you wish, we will introduce you to Accelerate Family Lawyers to complete and file the documents at the Family Court. This is done for a fixed fee of $750 (plus GST). They will also provide independent legal advice (if required by one party) for a fixed fee of $950 (plus GST).


Where a party refuses to mediate, we are authorised to issue Certificates under the Family Law Act to enable you to go to the Family Court. The fixed fee for Section 60I Certificates is $250 (plus GST) – less the commitment fee if that has been paid.


Our Family Mediation Fees Are Fixed

We offer a one-time fixed fee up front to enable you to decide whether that is a fair price for what you are getting.

We do not charge for time spent on your matters (like most lawyers do). We focus on results, not the time spent.

Commitment Fee

Where you ask us to set up a mediation with another party, we charge a one-off commitment fee of $125 (plus GST). This fee is deducted from the family mediation fees when the mediation goes ahead.

 If mediation is agreed, both parties will be required to sign an Agreement to Mediate and to meet their share of the fixed fee about one week prior to the scheduled mediation.

What Our Family Mediation Fee Includes

The fixed family mediation fee includes:

  • discussion with you about the process and arrangements for the mediation
  • setting up the mediation – the dates and venue
  • holding confidential pre-mediation intake meetings with each party to discuss the issues and possible solutions
  • preparing asset & liability schedules for the mediation
  • conducting the mediation and facilitating agreements between the parties
  • drafting agreements in a form that allows you to process them in the Family Court and/or preparing an agreement upon which to seek independent legal advice
  • providing detailed guidance about complying with Family Court requirements for Consent Orders
  • introducing fixed fee lawyers to finalise Consent Orders and file them in Court for you.

The fixed fee is final and will not be increased unless you want to change an agreement that has already been reached at mediation and/or seek further meeting time.

Who Pays The Fee?

You decide who pays the family mediation fees.

Normally each person pays 50% of the total fee but that’s up to you.

When is payment due?

The Agreement to Mediate and tax invoice are sent when the date for the mediation is agreed.

Separate invoices will be sent where you agree to share the costs.

Payment may be made by credit card or bank transfer. Receipts are automatically issued on payment. Invoices are payable around one week prior to the Mediation. The booking will be confirmed only upon payment of the fixed fee and may be cancelled if the fee is not paid as agreed.

Additional Fees

Additional costs may be incurred only at your request where both parties seek to change an agreement after it was reached at mediation.

Where agreement is reached at mediation and, after documentation of that agreement, the parties seek to have material changes made that were not agreed at mediation, the parties shall pay a fee of $350 per hour (plus GST) for any time spent by the mediator in documenting changes.

Where parties are unable to agree material changes to an agreement reached at mediation, the mediator shall not be required to provide further documentation.

Where the parties wish to pursue changes for a new/modified agreement, a 2-3 hour follow-up meeting may be held at an agreed time and date and upon payment of a further fixed fee of $950 (plus GST).


Where a mediation is put off or cancelled there will be a refund of fees in accordance with the Agreement to Mediate as set out below.

If either/both of the parties cancel(s) the mediation prior to the scheduled date they shall both forfeit a portion of the fee paid by each of them as follows:

– less than 7 week days prior to the day scheduled for mediation. …… 25% of the fee paid

– less than 4 week days prior to the day scheduled for mediation ……. 50% of the fee paid

– less than 2 week days prior to the day scheduled for mediation ……. 75% of the fee paid

– less than 1 week day prior to the day scheduled for mediation ………. 95% of the fee paid

Any refunds issued will be subject to deduction of bank, finance and credit card fees that have been incurred by the mediator.

Now that you know what your family mediation fees will be, are you ready to get started? Get in touch with Ian now.


“Legal costs in family law matters simply add to the trauma of breakdown – a property or children’s matter that goes to trial can easily cost each party much more than $50,000 – money that you will never see again.”

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