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Thank you for your guidance in completing the Agreement and the supporting documents for the next step for XXX and myself.

I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest your service to any friends or family members in the situation of separation.

Paul G - Willeton WA

Thank you for the time on a Sunday to meet with us for this mediation and settlement documentation process.

As mentioned, I was very nervous to begin with, however your professionalism and courtesy were enough to make the experience pleasant and successful in light of where we wanted to arrive.

Paul K - Rossmoyne WA

Just wanted to say thank you again. You have been amazing and have taught me so much in such a short amount of time.

PD - Claremont WA

Thanks for your time today Ian, you did a brilliant job. A very positive outcome for all I felt.

Andrew W - Duncraig WA

Thank you once more for your kindness, wisdom and counsel.

Georgie N - Wangara WA

Ian, your patience and persistence really helped us get to an agreement I thought we could never reach. I’d recommend you to anyone who wants to get family issues resolved as painlessly as possible.

Michael G - Safety Bay WA

Thank you Ian for persevering, and for even agreeing to conduct a second mediation for us. Undoubtedly your dedication to helping us avoid the Family Court litigation process ultimately achieved just that. Furthermore, when our progress became bogged down, your timely and sound advice to each seek independent legal advice did the trick. Your recommendations regarding lawyers was excellent. I know that what was at first believed to be a straightforward mediation became far more difficult, and yet you never gave up on us. I would recommend you to anyone without hesitation.

Mary – Fremantle, WA

I would like to thank you for listening, and offering sound and honest advice. I felt a sense of relief just by talking to you. You are the only professional in this field of separation that I have encountered that genuinely wants to help. I am truly grateful for this.

Mandy – Churchlands, WA

The process was so much quicker and easier than I anticipated – after everything I have heard about lawyers! And it was re-assuring for me to know how much it was going to cost at the start, not when it was all over.  Thanks, Ian.  I’d recommend you to anyone who wants a solution seeker and quick results.

Bree F - Fremantle, WA

Thanks Ian. I didn’t think we had much hope of getting our divorce issues resolved but your persistence and positive attitude really helped to get us over the line. I’m really grateful for that.

Genevieve – Attadale, WA

You certainly had to work hard to get an agreement with the ex. I told you she was going to be difficult! However, I was pleased that you were able to give us both some guidance about what might have happened if we went to the Family Court and that did help to soften some of her demands…. Banging our heads together worked!

Mike – Joondalup, WA

Ian’s professional and thorough approach to the mediation was very helpful for the parties and a major factor in them being able to reconcile their differences.

Principal, XXX Primary School

I cannot thank you enough for taking on my matter and helping me at this difficult time in my life. Unfortunately, my experience with lawyers has not been a happy one – three years of expenses and very little progress! You have partly restored my faith that there are some lawyers who actually care for their clients rather than their own pockets. Let’s get it finalised so I can move on from the legal nightmare.

Roz D - Mosman Park, WA

It [the mediation] was much easier than I had anticipated and I think your friendly but firm approach kept us both on track. I’m glad you made us stick with it, even when it became quite emotional, as we could easily have given up and gone back to arguing. Pushing us to look for positive results was what helped get it finalised. I also really appreciate your assistance with drafting and finalising the written Agreement Reached At Mediation – we used that as the basis for our Application to the Family Court for Consent Orders.

Ruth – Margaret River , WA

I will be recommending your business to anyone who wants to finalise their family law issues – without lawyers! Thanks for saving me so much time and money. My sister, who has been through the whole thing with the Family Court and lawyers, can’t believe it. She said that her stuff took over two years and cost her a bomb. It was worth the extra cost bringing you to PH.

Pauline, Port Hedland , WA

I am glad you made the sensible suggestion about counselling being appropriate for our ongoing conflicts and helping us to focus on the family law issues that needed to be resolved. [XX] and I now see that there are many stages in the process of separation and getting them mixed up confuses them all and makes it harder to get anything finished. Your follow up with our agreements helped us to close off this part of a difficult situation.

Catherine – South Fremantle, WA

Ian is extremely professional and reliable. I would highly recommend him to anyone. He provided a quick and efficient service. I give it 10/10.

Maureen and Brian - Safety Bay, WA

What a great job. Not only was I really happy with the result and the agreement Ian negotiated for me, but I got this resolved much faster and cheaper than I had first thought.

Rob K - Fitzroy, Vic

Ian did a fabulous job in allowing the parties to discuss their options in relation to parenting arrangements.

Vicky, Hammond Park, WA

Ian was practical and direct and he knew what he was talking about when he warned us both what would happen if we didn’t get our disagreement over property settlement resolved.  I have had other friends go legal and I’m glad I did not. I have been able to get on with my life – I did not get everything I wanted and we both had to compromise – knowing that matters were settled properly and legally. I have … left the past behind, largely because Ian talked good sense into my former partner and me at a time when it could all have gone pear shaped.

Dennis – Peppermint Grove, WA

Well done Ian. I don’t usually write letters of recommendation but this one is easy.

… You were up front about the costs – which I thought were very fair – and you did what you said you would  … Your explanations helped me understand – even if I didn’t always agree with how the system works.

… we got a fair result and the best thing is I am still on good terms with ….  and we are co-operating in a positive way with arrangements for the kids.

Phil J - Armadale, Vic

Ian gave me a clear explanation of the issues in dispute. This really helped us get my family law problems fixed much quicker and it saved me time and money. I tell my friends about how he is a lawyer who was always looking for answers not problems.

Anna R - Claremont, WA

Thank you Ian for getting my family law matter finalised. I appreciated your determination to get the difficult issues resolved and not get side-tracked with [xxx]’s attempts to go off on tangents. You handled the mediation very expertly… I can now get on with my life.

Glenn R - South Melbourne, Victoria

Ian worked hard to enable us to reach an agreement. He was always happy to discuss and explain everything we needed.

Cathy and Steve, Subiaco, WA

Ian managed to keep [my husband] on board although he was difficult to engage. Ian managed to achieve an outcome which saved face for us both … the whole situation was stressful but Ian was able to keep us focused and managed [my husband] firmly but respectfully.

Joan T - Applecross, WA

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