Are you wondering about whether it’s time to end your relationship? Here are 9 signs that it might be time to move on from your relationship.

9 Signs It Might Be Time To Move On From Your Relationship

Sign #1 – Your relationship drains more energy than it creates

This is the main sign! You suddenly realise that it is always you that is making compromises to avoid an argument. It is always you that that is making the effort to work things out to keep the peace.

You always have to think about what or how to say anything, in order to avoid conflict.

You may not notice it so easily at first, as it may happen gradually and over time.

But at a certain point, exhaustion sets in and you realise that your relationship is all give and no take, and is now draining more energy than it is creating.

Sign #2 – You think about your relationship improving in the future

Some people live in the past, while others live in the future, but you find yourself forever living in hope that things will miraculously improve.

Unfortunately, for things to change, people need to change, and it’s just not happening for you. So you just stay on, hoping, because that is the convenient thing to do.

It is not always wise to base the rest of your life on something that may or may not happen. Address the problem now or move on.

Sign #3 – You feel pressured to change who you are

When your partner is constantly pressuring you to change, it is a clear sign that you have not met their expectations. You may have already been changing gradually and suddenly you realise that and you don’t actually like the person you’ve become.

True love is unconditional and your partner should take you for who you are, and not for who they would prefer you to be.

Sign #4 – You’re wanting your partner to change who they are

The same applies if you are the one that is wanting your partner to change who they are.

If they do change to please you, there’s a chance it may only be temporary, as you will continue expecting them to change to meet your expectations.

Love them for who they are or leave them. There is no middle ground.

Sign #5 – You regularly experience negative emotions around your partner

You prefer to be around other people rather than your partner, because you regularly experience negative emotions around them.

These emotions can include, fear, hurt, embarrassment, or feel that you are unappreciated, overpowered or disrespected.

Sign #6 – You’re a noticeably different person around your partner

You’ve suddenly realised you are behaving differently and unnaturally around your partner. You are not being yourself, but instead trying to be the person your partner wants you to be.

If you feel you are constantly acting out a part in a play around your partner, it’s time to change that or move out.

The longer you remain in this mode, the harder it will be to change anything.

Sign #7 – You’ve lost interest in your relationship

You both have stopped trying to do fun or exciting things together, always blaming, lack of time or money, or being tired or too busy at work.

That’s the time to realise that you have both lost the interest in your relationship, and from then on, it’s just a matter of time.

Sign #8 – You’re constantly arguing with each other

You find you cannot hold a normal conversation without it leading into a full-blown argument, sometimes over something so small and insignificant.

Continued bickering eats into the very soul of the entire family and is deadly for any relationship.

Sign #9 – You’re only staying together because it’s easier

Even when so much in a relationship is going wrong and alarm bells are ringing everywhere, millions of couples choose to remain in the relationship for one simple reason – it’s easier.

If that is your only reason for staying together, I’m afraid it may be time to move on.

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