Getting it settled

Negotiating a settlement agreement with your former partner that you can both live with is likely to save you a lot of money, time and stress.

If at all possible stay out of court and sort it between you. Choose lawyers extremely carefully. Many family lawyers want to proceedings to be difficult and to go on for as long as possible. Why?? The answer is obvious..$$$$$$$

Family mediation is usually the best way you can finalise arrangements together, with the mediator helping you find ways to resolve differences in points of view.

Mediators, who are family lawyers, are the best people to help you find a settlement because of their knowledge of the law.

A successful negotiation leads to an agreement.

The agreement needs to be put into a legal framework and put into the family court as ‘consent orders’. This applies to both children’s matters and financial matters.

And these orders must comply with the Family Law Act.


If you can’t agree to a negotiated settlement, you may end up in court.

This is called litigation and this process is lengthy, costly, and out of your control. The decision is ultimately made by a judge.

If you want to avoid ending up in court, talk to us today. We specialise in family mediation in Perth and can help you keep your separation and divorce out of court. It’s a much more affordable and amicable solution, so find out how we can help you today.