One of the most common questions we get is ‘what does a divorce mediator do?’.

Many people still think that they need to hire a family lawyer and have to go to court if they want to get a divorce in Australia. Both of those things can be expensive and stressful and might drag the process out much longer than you would prefer.

As a trusted divorce mediation specialist in Perth, I’ll explain exactly what a divorce mediator does and how mediation can be a simple yet effective way to get a divorce.


What Does A Divorce Mediator Do?


There are several things that a divorce mediator does which can help you move on from your separation.


Helps You Work Through Your Differences


One of the key things a divorce mediator does is help you to work out your differences.

Couples that attend divorce mediation are usually prepared to have a frank discussion with each other and find a mutually agreeable solution.

It’s not uncommon for separating couples to have different ideas about how to fairly divide their joint assets, finances and child care matters. Mediation allows you to discuss these important matters in a neutral space.


Helps You Settle Matters


By creating a safe and neutral space to discuss your divorce and division of assets and duties, divorce mediation helps you to settle any matters that you have been unable to agree on.

Many divorces get dragged out for months, sometimes years, because parties are unable to come to an agreement on one or more matters.


Brings Both Parties Together


A good divorce mediator will help you to meet with your spouse and discuss your issues in a civil and safe way. Mediators look for and encourage common ground and solutions.  Going down the legal path often involves looking for and arguing over differences and potential conflict.

After separating, it can be difficult to communicate effectively with your ex. Divorce mediation brings you both together to have a place and time to openly discuss how to resolve issues you have not yet settled.


Allows You To Speak Openly


All discussions in mediation are completely confidential. What is discussed in your mediation session will remain between you, your ex, and the mediator.

Before your mediation, the mediator will hold an intake session with each party individually as well. These intake session discussions are also confidential and will not be discussed with the other party.

These intake sessions allow the mediator to establish where you are in the divorce process and what you are hoping to achieve from mediation. This, in turn, helps the mediator to run the mediation session with your goals in mind and assist in finding a clear path to finalise your divorce.


Gives You The Control Of Your Decisions


Divorce mediation is all about allowing separating parties to control the decisions that need to be made.

The mediator is there to facilitate your discussions and help you come to decisions that each party deems fair.

Control of your decisions is completely in your hands, unlike going to court, where a judge will make a decision on your behalf.


Stays Impartial & Fair Throughout The Process


A divorce mediator is completely impartial and will never side with one person or steer the mediation in a particular direction.

They will enable you to find a solution that works for both parties and that both parties are happy to agree to.


Saves You Time


Couples that attend divorce mediation sessions are much more likely to finalise their divorce amicably and quickly, compared to those that go through the court system.

When you separate, the last thing you want to do is drag out your divorce for years. Mediation allows you to settle your matters in a neutral environment. By mutually agreeing on matters, both parties are also more likely to abide by their agreements going forward.


Saves You Money


Divorce mediation is also a lot cheaper than hiring lawyers and taking your divorce disagreements through court.

Divorce mediation sessions with Move On Mediation cost from $975 per person and, in most cases, are settled with just one mediation session.


If you want to divorce amicably, quickly, and affordably, speak to Ian at Move On Mediation in Perth today. He has helped hundreds of separated couples to divorce without the fuss. Call Ian on 0418 928 448 or get in touch online today.