There are so many things to think about when you divorce so it’s easy to miss some important updates you should make. We’ve put together a list of 9 things you should consider updating when you divorce – you’ll want to save this post!


Will & Power Of Attorney

One of the first things you should update is your current will and any power of attorney or medical directives you have in place.

It’s likely that your spouse is listed as a beneficiary or someone who has the power to make decisions on your behalf should you be unable to make them for yourself. Following your separation, you may want to update this to reflect your changed circumstances.



Most superannuation funds ask you to name a beneficiary for your funds should you pass away. In many cases, spouses are named as beneficiaries. If you do not have a binding nomination in place, look to get this added.

A binding nomination means that the person you nominate will be the one to receive the funds.

Non-binding nominations do not guarantee the beneficiary will be the person you name, so the superannuation fund could choose someone else, like your ex, to receive the proceeds instead.


Life Insurances

If you have any life insurance or any other insurance policies such as critical illness or trauma cover, make sure these are in your name only. If your spouse is named as a beneficiary or additional contact, update this too.


Other Insurance

Look at what other insurance policies you have – house insurance, car insurance, travel insurance, etc.

If these are joint, or cover jointly owned assets, get this updated to the person who will continue to use the asset going forward.



Do you co-own a property?

If it is mortgaged, make sure the bank is aware of your separation date and who will be responsible for payments going forward.

You may also want to reflect the new circumstances where one spouse may be transferring their interest of the other – which should be done through Consent Orders in the Family Court (which will be legally binding and save you stamp duty).


Private Health Cover

Private health cover is another of the key things you need to update when you divorce.

Once you have separated, investigate options to separate your cover and, if you have children, decide if they will be included on only one of your policies or both of your policies.


Bank Accounts

Any joint bank accounts should be separated once you have formally separated.

Ensure you each have your own bank accounts and use these going forward. Also make a note of funds in joint accounts and remove any overdraft or equity line facilities that your ex might be able to draw on.


Email & Social Media Accounts

Some couples have joint email addresses and social media accounts. Update these to individual ones once you have separated and change the passwords on your accounts so that they are secure as you move on separately.


Joint Bills

If you have joint bills, update these to reflect who is responsible for these going forward. These could include gas, water, electricity, shire rates, mobile phones, internet, paid TV subscriptions, car rego, etc.


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