Divorced parents with kids come from all walks of life. Rich, poor, young and old. Some were married for a few months, while others for almost a lifetime. But the two things they have in common, is that they have to raise their children and are emotionally affected by the separation.

Although personal circumstances vary with all divorced parents, most experience some form of difficulty in raising their children, especially when parents are living far apart or the relationship remains toxic.

Below are just a few books which will certainly help all divorced parents navigate the divorce process and the challenges that separations bring.

The Best Books On Parenting After Divorce

mindful parenting - parenting book

Mindful Co-Parenting, co-written by clinical psychologists, Jeremy Gaies and James Morris, is a compact, step-by-step guide, providing divorced parents useful and practical information, in an easy going style.

It offers invaluable information helping the parents navigate through the entire divorce process as well as identifying the children’s needs during and well after the separation.

It stresses the importance of planning ahead by creating a practical and workable parenting plan, thus avoiding the challenges and countless other issues that could arise in the future.

the co-parenting handbook - parenting book

The Co-Parenting Handbook jointly written by Karen Bonnell and Kristin Little, is another gem guiding parents through the challenges of raising children in separate homes.

It deals in detail with the emotional impact the separation has on the entire family, offering useful guidelines for hurt and angry parents to resolve their conflicts by concentrating on the needs of their children over and above all else.

It is filled with practical suggestions and strategies on addressing the emotions, conflict and grief that come with most separations. The book addresses many common questions parents and children have, enabling them to navigate through this most difficult period in their lives.

joint custody with a jerk - parenting book

If you feel your ex-spouse is behaving like a jerk, then Joint Custody With A Jerk may have been written especially for you.

Written by parenting expert, Julie Ross and writer Judy Corcoran, this highly-praised book focuses mainly on having to deal with an uncooperative and unreasonable ex-spouse.

It is hard enough raising children in a loving and caring environment, but when love, respect and decency have all flown out the window and are replaced by obscene animosity, the job can easily turn into a nightmare.

This bestselling classic outlines real life situations helping divorced parents to improve their level of communication with difficult ex partners.

It offers sensible and innovative teaching tools to deal with tricky situations with ex-spouses, without having any negative effects on the children. This revised edition includes information on dealing with modern technology, highlighting the advantages but warning of the pitfalls of today’s digital forms of communication.

co-parenting with a toxic ex - parenting book

Co-Parenting with a Toxic Ex, written by Dr. Amy Baker and Paul Fine is a book written for a parent that is dealing with a delinquent ex-spouse of the worst order you could possibly find. This book is a must-read for anyone dealing with a hostile and toxic person. Not a book for everyone, but for those in that situation, it may be the only book they should read.

Not many of us know how to deal with an ex-spouse who bad-mouth you in front of your children, causing them irreparable harm by making them anxious, fearful and depressed. The authors teach the best ways to deal with such a person and to protect your children from this environment, while ensuring your relationship with them remains as strong as ever.

moms house dads house - parenting book

This is another classic that has stood the test of time and is still regarded highly after 40 years in print. Written by Dr. Isolina Ricci, Mom’s House, Dad’s House, has all the advice any divorcing parent could ever need.

It maps out how to have a decent divorce, covering all the legalities in an easily understood manner, before providing simple but sensible guidelines on emotional, financial and all the child caring issues that come with all separations.

If this book was read by all divorcing couples, before they divorced, they would have avoided most, if not all the problems we see in our courts every day and saved themselves tons of money and heartache as well.

If you are looking for that one book that covers it all – then this is it!

putting children first - parenting book

Here is another most useful book that has been around for over 10 years and which has helped millions of divorced couples navigate through their difficult times.

This 352-page book, penned by Dr. Joanne Pedro-Caroll, a world-renowned authority on divorce and children’s matters, focuses exactly on what the book is called – Putting Children First.

For over 30 years, the author has worked with thousands of divorcing couples, researching and developing programs which offer practical guides on dealing the challenges of divorce. Her programs and advice she offers, are based on real life cases, lessening the level of trauma and anxiety experienced by both, the children and the divorcing parents.

The advice goes way beyond the signing of papers, reducing the conflict that may last for years and seriously affect children to their adulthood. Another A – Z book for all divorcing couples.

What would you add to our list of the best books on parenting after divorce? Leave us a comment below and share it with us.

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