Our family mediation specialist in Perth, Ian Shann, has rounded up 8 of the best divorce websites to help you through your divorce.

Divorce can be a very stressful time but being prepared and armed with knowledge can certainly help. There’s so much information available online these days that you can find out almost anything with a quick Google search.

Visit these divorce websites to help you understand the divorce process, both from a practical perspective and an emotional one.

Family Court

For up to date legal information, the Family Court website is your best place to start once you’ve decided that you want a divorce.

It has information on separation and divorce, both for married couples and de facto relationships. It gives you all the options for avoiding court, how to apply for a divorce, parenting issues, court orders and much more.

Visit the Family Court website here

Money Smart

For help with your financial matters when you get divorces, the Money Smart website is a good site to read through. It talks you through the first financial steps you need to take when you separate, things to think about when you divide your assets, and how to manage your new financial situation.

They also have a handy divorce and separation financial checklist you can work through online as a starting point.

Visit the Money Smart website here

Raising Children

Raising Children is one of the leading parenting websites in Australia. It has a wealth of information on every stage of parenting from pregnancy to the teen years and beyond.

They have a section on family life which includes parenting after separation or divorce. Topics include helping children adjust and positive single parenting.

Visit the Raising Children website here

Child Support – Services Australia

If you have children and are getting divorced, you may want to explore the options available to you for child support payments and other family benefits.

Services Australia is the best place to find out about what support you may be entitled to, as well as how to lodge a claim or intent to claim.

Visit the Services Australia website here


As a community organisation that is a not-for-profit, Relationships Australia offers relationship support services for individuals, families and communities.

They have a range of relationship advice sheets, including relationship difficulties, ending your relationship, and parenting and relationships.

Visit the Relationships website here

Family Relationships

Family Relationships is an Australian government website which has a host of information around family relationship issues.

Their ‘Going through separation’ section includes advice on alternatives to court, counselling, family dispute resolution, and going to court.

Visit the Family Relationships website here

Divorce Resource

Divorce Resource is exactly that – an online, dedicated resource for all things divorce related in Australia.

With sections on legal matters, property and financial affairs and parenting issues, there is so much information here to help you understand and work through every aspect of your divorce.

They even share some letter templates you can use, including one inviting your ex to attend a family mediation session.

Visit the Divorce Resource website here

Beanstalk Mums

Founded by Lucy Good, Beanstalk Mums aims to be a “sanctuary of light-hearted conversation, practical advice and targeted resources, designed to reach out and empower the lives of single mothers and their children throughout Australia.”

She covers issues regarding separation, being a single parent and how to navigate your life post-divorce. She also has a podcast you can listen to on a variety of different topics.

Visit the Beanstalk Mums website here