Podcasts have become an ingrained part of our modern lives. They’re a great way to gather information and entertainment while we’re on the go.

Whether you’re driving to pick up the kids, out for your daily run, or commuting to and from work, they’re a great way to pass the time and learn at the same time.

Our Perth divorce mediation specialist, Ian Shann, has put together a list of 5 divorce podcasts to help you get through your divorce.


Beanstalk Podcast

Started in 2017 by single mum Lucy Good, the Beanstalk Podcast addresses all sorts of topics relating to single mum life. Her website Beanstalk Mums is a lifeline for many single mums across Australia and the podcast helps her reach more women in Australia.

Episodes include ‘Co-parenting with a passive aggressive ex’, ‘Changing your will: everything you need to know’, and ‘How to deal with difficult behaviour from children of divorce’.

Listen here – https://beanstalkmums.com.au/podcast/


Divorce Story

Hosted by journalists Cassandra Thorburn and Annaliese Dent, Divorce Story launched in March 2020 and is a 12-week series on how to navigate separation and divorce.

Cassandra experienced a high profile divorce from Karl Stefanovic in 2016 and has admitted in the podcast that she struggled in the aftermath for years.

Episodes so far include ‘Let’s talk about money’, ‘Do I need a lawyer?’, and ‘Fleeing an abusive relationship’.

Listen here – https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/divorce-story/id1500681762


The Split

The Split is a podcast launched in 2019 by Mama Mia and Westpac to support, inform and guide women through separation and divorce in Australia.

It’s hosted by comedian and writer Mandy Nolan, who has herself been divorced twice and is a mother of 5.

Episodes include ‘Starting Over’, ‘Who Gets What?’ and ‘When Things Get Nasty’.

Listen here – https://www.mamamia.com.au/podcasts/the-split/


The Divorce Podcast

The Divorce Podcast is a UK based podcast but deals with universal topics around separation and divorce.

Host Kate Daly is a divorce expert who co-founded amicable, a legal tech start up, following her own traumatic divorce.

Episodes include ‘Covid-19 co-parenting’, ‘Divorce & Society’, and ‘Happily ever after – the legal process vs the emotional journey’.

Listen here – http://www.thedivorcepodcast.com/


Thrive After Divorce By Tall Poppy Woman

Another Australian podcast about divorce is Thrive After Divorce By Tall Poppy Woman.

Hosted by Dominique Bergel-Grant, founder of Tall Poppy Woman, this podcast aims to share real stories from women of what it takes to reclaim yourself and rebuild your life after separation and divorce.

Episodes include ‘Child-centred co-parenting’, ‘Surviving the first weeks after separation’, and ‘It is time to put yourself first’.

Listen here – https://www.tallpoppywoman.com/blog?tag=podcast


What divorce podcasts would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.