If you’re getting a divorce, you might be worried about the cost and the stress of getting divorced through the Courts. But there are some simple ways to avoid court proceedings in a divorce – here are just a few of them.

5 Ways To Avoid Court Proceedings In A Divorce

 Talk It Out

First, talk to your partner. Try to keep things civil between you so that you can come to arrangements amicably and that are mutually agreeable, without having to involve lawyers and judges.

Talk to your partner right from the start of your separation and air your feelings and plans for the future.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Always keep your eye on the bigger picture. Try not to sweat the small stuff.

Does it really matter who gets the coffee mugs or the lawnmower?

Does it really matter who said what in the heat of the moment in an argument 5 years ago?

Focus on moving forward as amicably as you can and when minor, often inconsequential but emotional things are raised, try to rise above them.

Keep Communication Channels Open

As soon as you stop communicating, it makes it very difficult to move forward. Often the only option then is to hire family lawyers who can cost thousands or, more likely, tens of thousands of dollars for each party.

Try to remain on talking terms without every conversation descending into an argument.

Use A Lawyer to Negotiate On Your Behalf

You could look at hiring a lawyer to simply negotiate on your behalf, instead of taking the matter to the Courts.

This could be a cheaper option than going through the Courts but could still end up being a costly option as lawyers fees are expensive and they usually charge in blocks of minutes rather than by fixed fees.

This means you won’t know what your final bill will be when you start the process.

Use a Family Mediation Specialist

If you want to avoid using costly lawyers, consider engaging a family mediation specialist instead.

At family mediation, you can talk through your issues and plans for how to divorce and split your assets.

Mediation can provide a safe space for you both to talk about how to move on which suits both of you.

Divorce mediation is a lot more affordable than hiring a family lawyer and taking your divorce to court.

Ian Shann at Move On Mediation is a family mediation specialist in Perth. He’s been through the divorce process and understands what it’s like to get divorced.

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